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Unique Ikaria as Book

Welcome to the official website of the photography book, Unique Ikaria. This book was created as a tribute to the people, history, and culture of this little Greek island. It’s great as a gift, a keepsake in your family and/or a wonderful memento of a great vacation.

Nine years of taking 'voltas', (hiking and driving exploratory adventures) with my camera and curiosity, has culminated in a pictorial journal of a truly unique Greek island. Through the photos, text and Greek philosophers' quotes you will obtain an understanding that gives one hope and food for thought.

Sections of the Book

*The Land - Life - and Beauty *The People *The Culture

*The Sea *The Moods

Experience a society living on the island whose name comes from the legend of the winged man, Icarus. The author's aim was to show a group of people living naturally with proud quiet lives in the way the ancient great philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Epictetus, and Plutarch could only suggest.

Appreciate the culture that supports the elderly as useful citizens and fortifies the youth with a close safe environment of tradition. Witness the spirited carnivals, elaborate weddings, the 16 hour panigyria (saints day festivals), love of nature and music.

Learn about the island that has been called the ‘healing island’ in ancient times and recently was named the 5th Blue Zone in the world, an honor bestowed for healthy lifestyles and its peoples’ longevity. Glimpse, through the photos and understand a little more about these resilient, humorous, independent people and their appreciation of the safe 'paradise' in which they live.

Enjoy the visual beauty and moods of the rugged-wild pine forests, megalith rocks, and amazing crystal clear sea.

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