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Why is THE EGG called THE EGG?

In the last years this question has been asked many many times.

So why is THE EGG called THE EGG? The answer is very simple :-)

THE EGG is thanking Petros Lolis for being an angel and for his creative and physical help at THE EGG.

Without him it would not exist. Petros Lolis is an outstanding Athenian born artist and painter. Due to his work and ideas the atmosphere at THE EGG has become like you enjoying it now. It´s also thanks to him that THE EGG found the name for the venue.

It was simply one night at the beach after working all day long at the construction area. We were ping-ponging with names in front of the sea about the future name for this magic place. Many names have been falling, but THE EGG just represented what is happening inside the place itselfs. Birth, growth, transformation, outbreak etc. etc. All things that happen by taking part in a workshop. And sometimes even month later. Bravo su Petros:

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