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Digital Ikaria Map for Mobiles and Tablets

The map is updated to a 2021 edition with additions and corrections.

For those wanting to navigate their way around Ikaria's tricky road network, we recommend this Ikaria Map at 1:30.000, which shows your GPS location on the roads and on the footpath networks.

(This is the GPS map showcased near the front of our guidebook)


  1. 1. Find the free app "Avenza Maps" (by Avenza Systems Inc.) 2. Install the app 3. Open the App, find the Map Store 4. Search with the exact keywords 'Ikaria 1:40.000' 5. Buy and install the map (for only $3.99!)

You can alternatively get it here from the web

You now have a very handy map showing your location while on Ikaria as a dot moving where you go, drive and walk. It shows exactly where you are, so you can find out if you’ve made a wrong turn off a road, hiking trail, etc. You can also record GPS tracks and waypoints, plot photos, measure distance etc.




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