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The myth of Ikaros

Dear friend of Ikaria

today we'll talk about the basic myth of Ikaros and how Ikaria got its name.

Once upon a time in ancient Greece there was Dedalos, a great sculpturer of his era and much more …

Because of that, his sister asked him to teach her son, named Talos, his art.

But Talos was a talent and very soon he succeeded to be a better sculpturer than his uncle and he also found new sculpting equipment that was unknown to Dedalos.

Talos' charisma was more than enough to make Dedalos hate him and murder him. He was captured while he was trying to bury the dead body of his nephew and he was sentenced to death by the supreme Court of Arios Pagos.

But Dedalos managed to escape to Crete and find asylum at the kingdom of Minoas.

There he constructed the famous Labyrinth where Minoas imprisoned the Minotaur. But unfortunately, Minoas got mad with Dedalos and his son Icarus too and put them in the Labyrinth to die. There Dedalos made wings of wax for him and his son so they could escape and fly away from Crete.

They were about to try the 1st flight …

Dedalos advised his son to be careful and to fly in middle. But as soon as they crossed the island of Dilos, Paros and Samos Icarus was so excited with his flight that he went high up so close to the sun that the heat melted his wings, he fell in the sea and drowned. Then Dedalos got his body and buried it on that island that since then was named Ikaria, and the sea around it Ikarian Open Sea.

Hope you enjoyed the content ...

Mazari G. Eleni


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