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Hot Mineral Springs

How to cure arthritic pain, skin problems and cancer at the Hot Mineral Springs of Ikaria.

Since antiquity the Hot mineral springs of Lefkada, Ikaria, Greece have been know to heal skin problems like eczema and boils. relieve arthritic pain in the joints and as word of mouth has it, even cure some forms of cancer. Women call it a natural form of Plastic Surgery for it leaves the skin as soft as velvet. Loaded with minerals like sulphur and radon this place is really special. Once upon a time their were ancient Roman baths here and this is also the island from Mythology where Icarus fell to his death when he flew to close to the sun with his wings made of wax. Beautiful and rugged, The New York Times published an article called "The island where people forget to die". In the winter you can dine on hundreds of wild greens and mushrooms in the near by town of Therma, where two other bath houses exist for therapeutic purposes.

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