THE EGG is an international Venue in
Ikaria/Greece, overlooking the sea from sunrise
till sunset. In a private 600 m² open-air workshop area  you can:


• Organize your own workshop, event, 
retreat or seminar.


• Make your holidays as an active
participant in all attractions.


Make active holidays on a picturesque island.

Exercise and relax at the same time.


THE EGG improves lives … starting with yours! 
Our culture emulates who we are and what we do. 
We are Passionate, Positive, Focused and Driven.



Ikaria has been a traditional spot for thousands of years and remains an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the Aegean sea in Greece. It is a beautiful private hide-away open to guests for part of the year; a non-touristic island of total peace, in the Blue Zone, where you can experience the warm, generous and gentle hospitality which Ikarians love to offer.


THE EGG is cradled on the one side by low mountains and on the other by the sweep of the horizon and the sea. Our focus, at present, is on the collection of world-class seminars. We offer self-improvement and personal growth workshops, seminars and retreats that provide practical tools and strategies to help people worldwide to live happier, more confident, more empowered and more fulfilling lives, and enjoy gratifying relationships and careers.

Any kind of group is welcome to THE EGG and those who come will find a natural sanctuary of exceptional beauty where the main activity is simply relaxing in its remarkable atmosphere of peace and calm. However, for those more purposeful in nature, all kind of workshops will be available. Please get in contact with us for bookings and any kind of question.

We look forward to seeing you at THE EGG.
We love it – and we hope you will too.


Beautiful space, such good energy, gorgeous people, wonderful vision! Looking forward to coming back next year xxx.


Lauren Becker


Acrobatic Events, Modern Dance Events, Contact Improvisation Seminars, Yoga Retreats, Painting Events, Aqua-Work, Massage Workshops, Meditation Seminars, Tantra Workshops, Music Workshops, Sound Bowl Workshops, Martial Art Workshops, Creative Writing Workshops, YOGA Workshops, Jewelery Workshops, Management Seminars, Coaching Seminars, Marketing Seminars, Computer & Multimedia Seminars, Art & Cultural Festivals, Voice Formation and Singing, Feldenkrais Seminars, Health Seminars, Theatre Groups, Work of Mourning, Language Courses, Fine Arts Seminars

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THE EGG Greece


Phone: +49 176 32 65 90 07

Opening times:

June, July, August 2021
From 9:00 to 18:30

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