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Contact Improvisation Workshop
This hours we will dedicate to our moving body and mind. The dance Workshop is based on the principle that the body and mind are inextricably connected, and that through movement you can access the deepest parts of your psyche. The class will show different starting points of how we can enjoy rhythm and dance in it´s big variety by being into contact with dance partners and with ourselves.

The Workshop will start with grounding yourself and sensing your body in the 140 m2 open-air dance space of THE EGG. Stimulating awareness and unique needs inside of you. According to the different moods of each group we will start from a certain point, exploring individuality and team spirit. Sometimes it will be more experimental, sometimes more specific depending of what we need that day as a group. Just come along with your friends, with or without any dance experience! A lot of movement, music and many feelings guaranteed!

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“Contact Improvisatioin became my passion, my life and my best guide till now. I finally found all dances combined in one because of it´s informality.”


Katrin Gerner

Contact Improvisation Teacher

Born in Germany, 1977


I started dancing by the time I was 19 with all kinds of Latin American Dances (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Samba). After years of professional practice with one partner and many nights out dancing in Cuban clubs all over the world, I got more sensitive about slower rhythms. I discovered Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires and it became my new addiction for about 3 years. But to the same time I was moving into more experimental and acrobatic dances like Capoheira and Improvisation. All of the above named dances are still inspiring me and are my source for purifiying and energizing.


A trip to India seemed to change the whole idea of moving my body. I found the Contact Improvisation scene and knew immediately that this art of moving will keep me forever. I was studying for about 2,5 month with world class teachers and dancers in several festivals and workshops. After repeated years of collecting more and more experience in India I continue till present for 7 more years regular trainings, workshops and festivals throughout Europe.


Contact Improvisatioin became my passion, my life and my best guide till now. I finally found all dances combined in one because of it´s informality. Moving freely but guided from your own and your partners feelings that very moment. Listening and giving impulses, reaching out and playing with your boundaries and being aware of them in daily life, jumping high and falling low, sensing, surprising, vivid, ugly, true, pleasant, painful, acrobatically. Every dance is unique and can never be repeated or copied. Each dance is like an unique, unrepeatable poetry engraved on the dance floor for me. 


It´s always new, but always you.

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