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August 2020

Wether Yoga, Meditation or some extra dance specials. No matter what – THE EGG has enough space and offers  daily changing pop-in classes from Monday to Friday for visitors and islanders during August 2020.


No registration needed.
It´s for every-BODY and every-SOUL.


Just come by and join the group!




18:00 to 19:00+ o'clock


No experience needed –

all levels welcome!





18:00 to 19:00+ o'clock

No experience needed –

all levels welcome!





18:00 to 19:00+

No experience needed –

all levels welcome!




18:00 to 19:00+ o'clock

No experience needed –

all levels welcome!


Learn the Ikariotikos


Call and arrange:
+49 176 32 65 90 07


Or write:



Every MONDAY – Body&Mind Meditation

With Joey Brown from 18:00 to 19:00+

You’ll enjoy introductions into different kinds of meditation. I will offer a combination of body-in-silence mindfulness meditation, body-in-motion meditation (f.ex. Osho Kundalini meditation, relax meditations, dance meditations) and Laugher Yoga Meditation. All the meditations have the same goal: to silence the 10.000 voices in your head, and to enter the space of emptiness, to experience totality, peacefulness and light and to open your source of creation, to find your own rhythm, your centre and your place and position in life. And most important of all: you’ll have a great time!


With Angeliki Dimousi from 18:00 to 19:00+

Hatha Yoga helps to gain control over the senses through body exercises. This ancient mother of all the exercises offers a wonderful possibility for good health, long life and happiness. The combination of the body-exercises, breathing techniques, intentional imaginations and meditation based on PEACE are the chariot for you to go into a complete new and wonderful life. Especially recommended for people with the well known “back pain”.

Every WEDNESDAY – Yoga-Dance

With Simone Leona Hueber from 18:00 to 19:00+

The EGG's new Yoga Dance class introduces you to the DACA Yoga style Berlin based Swiss dancer, actress, choreographer & yoga coach Simone Leona Hueber has developped over more than 20 years during her own professional Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Performance practice. DACA stands for 'Dance And Conscious Awareness'. And as such DACA Yoga combines a soft and mindful Hata Yoga practice with elements out of the versatile field of Contemporary Dance and Performance. The class is for you to find your own inner 'ZEN' in silence and then express it through your mindful moves, your voice and your dance. Find your way to reconnect The Inner & The Outer, Body & Mind, Spiritual & Intellectual - here on Ikaria. Become one with yourself and the sounds of the island. I'm here to greet your light. I'm here to greet your love. Find your joy and be the greatest pleasure of the universe and my dearest laugh! Namaste.

Every FRIDAY – Dance Movements

With Katrin Gerner from 18:00 to 19:00+

This hour we will dedicate to our moving body and mind. The dance class is based on the principle of Contact Improvisation and that the body and mind are inextricably connected. Through movement you can access and heal the deepest parts of the psyche. Every Friday will show different starting points of how we can enjoy dance in it´s big variety. No experience needed! Bring yourself and friends and let´s start moving together!

Learn the Ikariotikos – On request for groups of min. 3 people

With Maria Pittaka

Whether you are considering visiting Ikaria or whether you are already on the island, locals would definitely urge you to take part in one of the many feasts that take place all over the island. In one of those feasts whether it be tucked away in a clearing of a forest or in the main square of a village you are sure to witness local people drinking wine along with tourists and enjoying themselves till morning. And when the violinist plays the first note of the traditional Ikarian dance, you will see that everybody stops chatting and storms to the dance floor to become a member of the circle. If you want to get a taste of the Ikariotikos but also prepare for the impending feasts, you can come to THE EGG where you can learn this magic dance together with your friends and/or family.

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